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Set includes SW121A, SW141A, SW161A, SW181A, SW201, SW221, SW241, SW261, SW281, SW301, SW321, SW341 and SW361
Set includes SFM8, SFM9, SFM10, SFM11, SFM12, SFM13, SFM14, SFM15, SFM16, SFM17, SFM18 and SFM19
Set includes SF081, SF101, SF121, SF141, SF161, SF181, SF201, SF221, SF241, SF261 and SF281
Set includes STMD6, STMD7, STMD8, TMD9, STMD10, STMD11, STMD12, STMD14, STMD16 and STMD18
Set includes TMA2E, TMA2.5E, TMA3E, TMA3.5E, TMA4E, TMA4.5E, TMA5E, TMA6E, TMA7E and TMA8E
Dual 80™ Technology Ratchet Features: • 80 tooth gear • 7 teeth in contact with gear to provide strength and durability • Ratchet Arc - Dual 80® Technology ratchet has 25% less ratcheting arc than our closest competitor and requires the least amount of arc to engage the next gear tooth • Sealed Head keeps dirt and other contaminants out of the head...
Set includes FM8, FM9, FM10, FM11, FM12, FM13, FM14, FM15, FM16, FM17, FM18 and FM19
Set includes FA4E, FA4.5E, FA5E, FA6E, FA7E, FA8E, FA10E and FA12E
Set includes F081, F101, F121, F141, F161,F181, F201, F221, F241, F261 and F281
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