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Specially formulated with PTFE for added sealing power, Slic-tite® is the premium thread sealant paste. It has been successfully used for decades to seal water, air, steam, natural gas, and more. It removes easily from skin and clothing. Slic-tite thread sealant works in extremely high pressure systems, and it comes with several approvals so that the job...
The 102 metal holder protects solid paint markers, reduces hand fatigue and keeps workspace clean. Easy-to-advance, adjustable holder maximizes marker life.
Thermomelt HEAT-STIK markers are a quick, low-cost method to accurately measure surface temperatures of various metals and equipment. Available in 88 Fahrenheit and 32 Centigrade temperatures, the stick-in-holder design provides convenience and durability for long-lasting use in the workshop or in the field.
Markal® BALL PAINT MARKER® is a liquid paint marker using a durable metal-ball tip for writing on hard surfaces. Ideal for identifying fabricated steel and other rough surfaces that are stored in harsh environ- ments, the squeeze bottle meters paint in a thick or thin line for long-lasting marks.
Markal® Stylmark® is a metal-ball tip marker for marking most surfaces. The aluminum squeeze tube and thick paint makes it suitable for rough, vertical and overhead surfaces with excellent adhesion on oily and wet surfaces. Xylene-free paint reduces user health risks.
Quik Stik® is a smooth-marking solid paint crayon that dries quickly to leave a bold, permanent mark on most surfaces. The durable plastic twist-up holder prevents breakage. Keep hands, clothing, and tool- boxes clean with the industry’s largest twist-up solid paint marker
PRO-LINE® HP is a liquid paint marker developed for superior marking performance on oily and greasy surfaces. The high performance paint penetrates through oils and greases to dry quickly and leave a bold, permanent mark that is wear-, weather-, and fade-resistant.
Valve Action is a fast-drying liquid paint marker that provides long-lasting, wear- and weather-resistant marks that are safe for almost any surface. As the most versatile liquid paint marker in the world, the xylene-free paint reduces user health risks and is available in 18 bold and fluorescent colors for accurate mark identification.
The DURA-INK 20 retractable permanent ink marker uses a one-handed, push-button for easy opening and closing. The convenient capless feature makes it ideal for use in tight work spaces and eliminates mess or lost caps.
The Quik Stik® Mini is a compact solid paint marker in a convenient twist-up, plastic holder that is ideal for finer line marking on smooth or rough surfaces. This smaller version of the Markal® Quik Stik® stores easily in a pocket or tool belt and easily advances with the turn of a knob, allowing for full use of the marker. The high-performance paint...
Lacquer-Stik is a specially formulated solid paint crayon designed to color-brighten stamped or engraved lines and lettering.
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