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Diesel Engine driven welder/Generator. DC output. Welding Range: 55 - 500 Amps. Rated Welding Output: 500 Amps, 30V, 40% duty cycle. Generator output: 5500W (Peak), 4000W (Continuous) 1ph. Max OCV: 95. Deutz Air-cooled Diesel engine. Tier 4i compliant. 32HP 3 Cylinder Air/oil cooled, Engine Speed 1850 rpm, Fuel capacity: 95L
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Auto-Line Power Management, Wind Tunnel Technology, Welder Friendly Control, Advanced Features for the Professional Welder, Fan-On-Demand, Low OCV Stick. Input Power: Requires 3- or 1-phase power, Rated Output: 350A 60%Duty Cycle, Welding Amperage Range: 5-425 Amps, Net Weight: 80 lb., Max OCV: 75
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The ProPAC Series is a multi-functional, highly efficient welding machine specialized for shipbuilding and industrial sectors.
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Compact, lightweight and portable for the workshop or job site Operates from a standard 230V, 13A, 16A power point Runs a wide range of electrodes from 1.6mm to 4.0mm Weight: 23 kg Electrode Size: 1.6 – 4.0 mm
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Auto Calibration Feature Dustproof and Waterproof Accredited Vacuum Brazed Stainless Steel Probe Assembly Low Sensor Indicator Low Battery Indicator Enlarged Easy to Read Digital Screen Tripod Mount Automatic Sleep Mode More Robust Presentation Carrying Storage Case Auto Safety Break Wrist and Neck Carry Stra Immediate Welding Guaranteed Accuracy
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DC Inverter SMAW Machine Withstands Power Fluctuations
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Weight: 22kg Power Supply: 415V/Hz Input Current: 35.2A Output Current: 40-400A OCV: 68V Rated Output: 40% at 400A Electrode/ Wire Diameter: 1.6-6.0mm
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Power Voltage: Single Phase AC220 +/- 10% Adjusted Current: 20-250(MIG), 20-200(MMA) Duty Cycle: 60% Dimensions(mm): 622x280x450 Input Current: 8.4kVA Diameter of Wire: 0.8-1.0mm Weight: 20kg Efficiency: 85%
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Wire wrapped heating elements provide even, continuous heat for 100% protection of electrodes. Standard features include an adjustable thermostat, 120/240 voltage selector switch & indicator light (n/a on Type 1). Power Inlet - locks cord into oven. Optional digital thermometer reads in °F or °C Powder coat finish creates a “Tough as Nails”...
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Weight : 7.1kg Power Supply: 230 V/Hz Input Current: 28A Rated Input Capacity: 6.4kVA Output Current: 20-40A (Cutting Current Adjustment Range) OCV: 280V Rated Ouput: 60% at 40A Recommended Cutting Thickness v/Max: 10(MAX) mm
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