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Measurements: 22 - 1/2” high, 21 - 1/2” wide, 19 - 1/2” deep Complies with ANSI Z358.1 standard"
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Set includes: Plastic pump .5litres cleaning solution refill pack of silicon-free cleaning tissues (approx. 700 sheets) Cleaning towelettes wall holder.
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Haws Anodyne™ First aid eye rinse 0.9% Sodium Chloride. Provides immediate irrigation to the eye when plumbed or self-contained emergency eyewash stations are not readily available. Extended 36 months shelf life from date of manufacture provides a long lasting product. 2 x 16oz (500ml) sterilized isotonic buffered solution with hanger and sign.
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Comfortable twin-lens spectacle Polarisation filter reliably protects against eye strain Particularly suitable for reflective surfaces (offshore, maritime conditions) Protects against reflections and optical irritations outdoors (e. g. water surfaces) for greater visual comfort
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High degree of mechanical strength High level of protection for professional welders Perfectly suited for wearing over prescription safety spectacles Flip-up filter, minimum damage from welding sparks Easily replaceable lens filter Lens: supravision HC-AF welding shade 5 infradur PLUS
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Comfortable frame creates a close seal to protect particle ingress and splashes Headband for working at heights or in confined spaces Lens: supravision HC-AF
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Hingeless side pieces made of extremely impact- resistant Grilamid® with soft ear pieces Combining the benefits of temple glasses with the comfort of a headband Flexible side piece concept means the glasses can be adapted to different wearing scenarios, regardless of whether they are worn together with prescription glasses or not Lens: optidur NCH, hi-res
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Large and very robust goggle case with zipper and belt loop Additional space for spare lens Suitable for uvex spectacles and goggles
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Cleaning towelettes silicone-free 100 individually sealed tissues in a box Suitable for all uvex lenses
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