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Estik™ incorporates the latest in micro-thermocouple technology with a bold digital readout to instantly display the surface temperature with an accuracy of +/- 2%. Measuring surface temperature from 0°C to 537°C (32°F to 999°F), Estik can be used on polished or nonpolished surfaces.
Tempilstik® is the original temperature-indicating stick. An inexpensive alternative for surface temperature measurement, Tempilstik® is rugged and easy-to-use with no gauges or electronics and no calibration is required, available in over 100 temperature ratings from 38°C to 1093°C (100°F to 2000°F).
Thermomelt HEAT-STIK markers are a quick, low-cost method to accurately measure surface temperatures of various metals and equipment. Available in 88 Fahrenheit and 32 Centigrade temperatures, the stick-in-holder design provides convenience and durability for long-lasting use in the workshop or in the field.
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