ArcAir K4000 Gouging Torch w 7' Swivel Cable Assembly


  • Heavy Duty
  • Reliable torch design
  • Natural 15 degree torch angle
  • Positive grip handle
  • Durable front insulators
  • Swivel cable
  • Reduced weight
  • High quality cable hose
  • Power and air connection fully enclosed
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  • Heavy Duty - Heavy metal removal applications such as weld preparations in pressure vessel shops and shipyards
  • Reliable torch design - market leader for over 60+ years
  • Natural 15 degree torch angle - greater operator comfort
  • Positive grip handle - greater operator feel and ease in positioning torch
  • Durable front insulators - high impact and heat resistant, protects the torch metal parts
  • Swivel cable - less cable twist and less strain on the operator
  • Reduced weight - optimum cable and torch weight to minimize fatigue
  • High quality cable hose - best quality cable hose offers high heat and abrasion resistance, non-conductive
  • Power and air connection fully enclosed - protects the electrical connection from touching the work when in operation and eliminates the need to insulated with electrical tape

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