Tempilstik Indicator

Tempilstik® is the original temperature-indicating stick. An inexpensive alternative for surface temperature measurement, Tempilstik® is rugged and easy-to-use with no gauges or electronics and no calibration is required, available in over 100 temperature ratings from 38°C to 1093°C (100°F to 2000°F).

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Features & Benefits
• When the stick melts, the precise temperature is reached
• Long-lasting stick is 33% bigger than competition
• Accurate to within +/- 1% of Fahrenheit and +/- 3% Celsius rated temperatures; no need for sensor calibration
• Ideal for: pre-heating, post- weld heat treating, interpass temperature monitoring, stress-relieving and annealing
• Protective holder, shirt-clip and adjustment ring prevents breakage and improves handling
• Meets welding codes: AWS D1.1, ANSI/ASME Code B32.1 & B31.3, ASME Code Sec. I, III, and VII, NIST Traceable

Industry Uses
• Welding
• Ship building and repair Bridge fabrication
• Metal fabrication
• Forge and casting foundries Railroad
• Steel mills
• Surface Uses
• Steel and iron

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